If you would like to donate pet food, supplies please message us on facebook at: JPR Pet Food Pantry or email us at We do have a drop off location in Jacksonville nc, via Animal House. Just look for the wooden dog house inside the store!

Things we are always in need of: 
Dog food (Dry/wet)
Cat food (Dry/Wet)
Dog houses
Cat carriers
Funds for gas.

As a rescue organization, the amount of people calling us on a daily basis can sometimes get overwhelming. We've heard every excuse in the book as to why these families need, or want to give up their pets. However, more and more often the reason being, "I've lost my job, and cannot afford to feed my pet" or "I've come into medical bills for myself, and cannot afford to feed my pet(s)" So we came up with a great idea! Its time that we start giving back to the same community, that for years has been helping us, by helping feed those in need. Through donated goods, and funds we can help our community stay full and happy.

If you are in need of pet supplies and are located in Onslow county, please message us for further details. We do not have an actual location for individuals to come to, as we are a small organization (This is something we do in our down time, and are currently working on expanding.) We will do our best to meet most families in town, and can sometimes have the availability to do home deliveries (this is not always a guarantee.)

*We do not pay for medical bills, routine vaccines, or provide heartworm medication to any pet owner. We can however, provide information on low cost spay/neuter clinics, and vaccine clinics in your area so please feel free to ask a volunteer!!